Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’d give an excuse, but it was just laziness.

There have been some changes to the blog - firstly, I’m using Jekyll now, which provided a much-request RSS feed as well as letting me write Markdown instead of the raw HTML I was doing before. The default theme also works fine on many different screen sizes, which is a plus. Secondly, I’m not posting full-res images inline with the post any more. I did this to cut page sizes as well as the size of the git repository. If you want a full-res version of a photo, send me an email.

Don’t worry about missing old posts, either - they’ve all been backported.

Finally, I plan on changing the content of the stuff I post here. Since the Land Rover is extremely close to running except for the starter motor bolts (which seem impossible to get hold of), I’ll be posting more non-Land-Rover stuff. See the About page for more information on that.