Not much to write about this week, since I had some non-Land Rover stuff to take care of which meant I only got around to a few smaller jobs.

I’m in the process of getting a second tailgate stay and a pin for the towing hitch made up, and I also made a small custom mounting plate for the interior mirror, which is now installed.

The door seals are still proving to be problematic, so I’m going to replace the lower front seals (adjacent to the hinges) with something else. I’m not sure what yet, but my current plan is double-sided outdoor adhesive and some generic door seals from a rubber place nearby.

Speaking of rubber, the various rubber plugs and grommets on the bulkhead and windscreen frame are now installed. They’re mostly the correct, original mushroom-head type. The empty holes for the demister hoses are also blanked off. For anyone else reading this and looking to do the same thing, don’t bother searching for the part number with Land Rover suppliers - just go to a rubber shop and get a 41mm blanking grommet.

I also got around to trimming down various bolts that were left too long, both mechanical (e.g. the U-bolts for the front axle) and cosmetic. It’s not an exciting job, but it had to happen and I’ve been putting it off for a while now.

Hopefully there’s a bit more to write about next week, and something work taking photos of.