Got a whole bunch of small things done this week, but unfortunately nothing worth taking pictures of. Had a friend over (now that it’s permitted) to help bleed the brakes. There were a few small issues we fixed along the way, including a misadjusted brake pedal and a couple of leaking connections. The brakes are mostly working (and adjusted) now. They’ll need a second round of bleeding since they went soft again the day after, but I expected that.

Also got a few small bits of bodywork done, but mostly just tidying up existing stuff and painting a few small bits that will be going on soon.

Not much besides that, since I spent a large chunk of the weekend organising future work on the car, having visited the paint shop for a few odds and ends, a glass place for some custom-cut pieces for the rear quarter panels, the local tip to get rid of various offcuts and old panels, and a rubber shop for all of the seals etc.

Hopefully there’s a bit more action on the car this coming week, and once again apologies to those of you who only look at the photos.