Had a few spare days to work on the car during the week, so I got the quarter panels completely sorted instead of having to spread the work over two weekends like I’d planned.

After painting them and letting the clear coat dry for a few days, I got the quarter panels cut, buffed and polished. After that, I installed the steel braces in the corners, and the various small parts associated with the upper half of the rear tailgate. The first photo also makes clear the inch-thick dust that seems to be a permanent fixture in the garage.

Side view of car showing doors and quarter panels

Rear view of car showing tub and quarter panels

The replacement seals between the quarter panels have been cut to length and test-fitted, but the new sections (with the correct part number) are much smaller than the originals, so I’ll need to get some sections of EPDM sealing strip to beef it up a bit.

The garage is getting very empty now, but the tailgate and roof are still with Mark Natoli, so that’s only a temporary situation.

Overall view of garage