Didn’t get a whole lot done on the car this weekend, since I spent Saturday cleaning up the garage, so it’s in a reasonable state for painting (planned for next week), and the first half of Sunday running errands.

As an aside, there wasn’t really anything worth taking photos of this week - sorry if I’ve disappointed you!

Steering rebuilt

About time, too - I’d been putting this off for a while. It ended up being much too difficult to reinstall the ball bearings in situ, so I removed the steering column and box, and fixed it on the bench. It’s back in place now, only loosely bolted down. It’s enough to steer, but I wanted to leave it loose since that will make it easier to install the bits at the top of the column once I’ve got those galvanised.

Other small bits

Spent a bit of time installing a miscellaneous bits and pieces for the clutch, including the slave cylinder and a few parts of the cross-shaft. Nothing too interesting going on here.

I also kept going with some gearbox odds and ends, including tightening down the last of the fasteners and aligning it horizontally.

The handbrake internals are also getting their first look - they’re in pretty rough shape, with oil all over the brake pads, and a seized plunger on the expander unit. The adjuster cone also doesn’t want to unscrew all the way, for some reason. I’ve cleaned it all up and I’m leaving the smaller parts to sit in Evapo-Rust, except for the seized plunger (and the plunger housing), which are sitting in penetrating oil.

Unfortunately, my propshaft dust cap kits didn’t quite make it this week. Hopefully they’ll arrive early in the coming week, so I can get them done then.

As hinted at above, I’ll be doing some painting next week - the current plan is to paint the front grille panel and a few of the smaller parts for the dashboard.