Still no engine

It might be ready, but I didn’t check since I wouldn’t have had the time to work on it due to the time spent painting (see below). Hopefully I can get this back for next weekend.


I got my bulkhead back from the panel beater, and it looks reasonable. The big hole in the middle is fixed, and the footwells are straight. The replacement captive nuts have also been welded in.

Once I got it back, I started painting it - unfortunately I missed two spots since the bulkhead was such a tight fit in the painting area. You can see it on the second-last photo, where the pillar has two primer-coloured patches down the inside. Luckily, since it’s acrylic, I can just sand it back and do it again, in what will hopefully be a short job. The side of the dashboard (and outside of the pillar) are fine - it’s just the “inside-facing” bits that need a touch-up, since that corner was very close to my workbench due to space constraints.

You can also see that a lot of the horizontal surfaces look white in the photo - this is just the angle of the camera, it all looks uniformly green in person. I think it’ll look really good once it’s all been sanded, buffed and polished, so I’m happy with this weekend’s progress.

Bulkhead front in primer

Bulkhead interior in primer

Another bulkhead interior in primer

Bulkhead interior with paint

Bulkhead front with paint