Moving House

I moved house two weeks ago, and moved the Land Rover last week. The new place has a nice double (tandem) garage with electricity and lighting, so I should be way more productive now. I spent most of the first weekend putting together my new workbench and shelving, and then organising my tools.

Since I now have the space, I’ve decided to do a full restoration, which means I’m going to be stripping the car down over the next 2-3 weeks.

Bodywork removal

Despite spending the week moving/organising stuff, I still managed to get a decent chunk of the bodywork off - here’s a few pictures of the car without a roof, wings, doors or windscreen:

Overall garage view Closer view of car Interior without floor Doors, bonnet, seat box leaning against wall Roof, wings, tailgate leaning against wall

Radiator removal

Took off the radiator and grille panel - not too exciting, but noticed some damage to the radiator. Hopefully I can straighten it out with a spudger and not cause too much damage, but I’ll definitely have to get it pressure-tested before I do anything with the radiator.

Car without radiator Close-up of radiator damage Radiator

Bulkhead stripping

I’d planned to remove the bulkhead today, but an unexpected visit from family meant I had less time than planned. Still, managed to get the vents off and the electrics out. The brake fluid reservoir has a very slow leak at the bottom, which is why the brake pedal looks wet. The bulkhead is in overall very good shape, but I might need to weld in some new footwells - I’ll see how they look when I’ve got the bulkhead off.

You can also see in the background my shiny new engine crane - I’d planned on using it to remove the bulkhead, but that will have to wait a tad longer.

Front of bulkhead without electrics Interior without electrics