Cables harness arrived today, which means I can start making progress again. Instead of doing some actual work, I took a couple of hours to label everything and figure out which bolts/screws/nuts/washers I needed to replace. Here’s a picture of all the cables laid out in an approximation of their location on the car (facing the front). From the bottom up, there is the headlamp harness (curly one with four exits), the main harness (the one that looks like a rat king), the frame harness to the rear lights (the coiled one on the left), the generator harness (with the yellow ends), and the rear lighting harnesses (the two at the back). In case you were wondering, I laid them out for the photo and my living room doesn’t normally look like that.

Cables laid out

The main harness is a bit thicker than the old one due to the indicator cables (which I won’t be using) - hopefully it fits fine.

I was impressed by quality of the cables themselves - they were all the correct thicknesses, the colours were correct and the cloth wrapping was good quality. Here are a few photos, plus a photo of one of the bullet connectors.

Bullet connectors Cable widths

I also figured out which bolts etc. I needed - I printed out some diagrams (because I’m secretly an old person), and drew the what I needed on there. The writing is in pink because the only fine-tipped pen lying around. I’m throwing these up onto the Internet in case somebody finds it useful.

Parts diagrams Parts diagrams Parts diagrams

Once this is sorted, I plan on refurbishing my wiper motor, and starting on the high-voltage electrics. There are fewer parts here, and they’re easier to get, but they are also much more difficult to test, so it might have to be a “turn the key and see what happens” affair.