Going to write a little bit about the car today. It’s a 1960-ish Land Rover Series II 88” petrol hard top, originally in Bronze Green.

I say 1960-ish because all the chassis/engine/etc. numbers put it in 1959, but it was shipped to Australia as a CKD kit, and was sold in 1961. As far as I’m aware, it was used as a farm vehicle until 1984, when the previous owner bought it at an auction for $100. It then sat in a paddock until 2009, when I was driving around Burren Junction, NSW and decided on the spot to buy it. When negotiating a price, the previous owner said that I could also have it for $100! I was pretty happy about that.

So in 2009, I bought it and took it home. I changed the petrol, oil and battery, and the thing started first time! Over the next 3-ish years, I did various small bits of work to keep it running, as well as a couple of bigger things (took off all the bodywork and rust-proofed the chassis, new clutch, and some other stuff I’m forgetting).

In 2012, I had to move to Sydney for university, and I couldn’t afford a place with a shed. In mid-2015 I graduated and got a job, and now I can afford a place with a small shed out the back - which is where this blog picks up. (I’ll do a post about the process of moving it tomorrow.)

In other news, I got a little bit of electrical stuff done - no pictures yet, just removed the main wiring loom, dashboard, voltage control box and fuse box. The current plan is to rebuild the electrical system indoors, test it out and then fit it to the car. As things stand, I’ve still got about half of the electrical bits left to remove, so I’ll put some photos up once it’s all out and laid out on a tarp somewhere.