Fixed first gear

This turned out to be fairly simple - I initially thought that first gear was the only one grinding when trying to engage it, but after a while I noticed that second gear would occasionally grind too. This led me to think it was the clutch that was out of adjustment, and then I remembered that I adjusted the clutch before I installed the floor mats.

This matters because the clutch is adjusted by measuring the pedal distance from the floor, and installing the floor mats reduced the amount of clutch pedal travel by about 20mm. After adjusting that (and adjusting the brake pedal to match it for convenience), it engages all gears smoothly.

Exhaust leak

While running it, I noticed that there was a large exhaust leak coming from where the manifold meets the header pipe. I sort of expected this due to the amount of rust pitting present in the join. The manifolds are reasonably easy to remove so I installed it anyway hoping it’d be good enough just to get it registered, but it was not to be.

Shot of engine bay without manifolds or carburettor present

I’m unsure at this point if I want to buy a replacement or have one made. Original-style swan-neck replacements are very expensive, and they’re cast-iron so they’ll end up with the same rust problem in the long term. A custom-made piece would likely be more expensive (I’m still getting quotes) bit I can have it made in stainless steel, which should last much longer.

Other small bits

I couldn’t figure why it’s idling fast, despite spending a bunch of time adjusting the mixture and slow-running screws. It’s sitting at around 1400RPM, which is almost triple the 500RPM the workshop manual says it should be. In any case, I won’t be able to test it again until I get the exhaust manifold back on.

The squealing noise while idling went away, hopefully it was just something wearing in. I also think I’ve fixed the oil leak - there was a bolt on top of the oil filter adaptor that wasn’t sealed properly and was dripping onto the front driveshaft. Again, I won’t be able to test it until the exhaust is back in.

The charging light now seems to work fine, so I’m guessing it just needed to run for a longer period of time before it started charging. I’ve also fixed the accelerator pedal spring by installing a more substantial spring in the original position, and a helper on the other side of the mechanism near the horn. I’ve also readjusted the handbrake.

I’ve also made some black acrylic backing plates for when the number plates are installed (to stop the metal-on-metal vibrations), but I forgot to take a photo of those. The rear plate is off-centre since I wanted to re-use the original mounting holes, which are offset from the number plate lamp housing.

As it stands, the only real problems are the high idle and the exhaust leak, so I’m hoping to get the vehicle registered very soon.